AP Review Assignment #4



5 Br-(aq)  +  BrO3-(aq)  +  6 H+(aq)  ---->  3 Br2(l)  +  3 H2O(l)

2003 3) In a study of the kinetics of the reaction represented above, the following data were obtained at 298K.


a) From the data given above, determine the order of the reaction for each reactant listed below. Show your reasoning.

i) Br-

ii) BrO3-

iii) H+


b) Write the rate law for the overall reaction.

c) Determine the value of the specific rate constant for the reaction at 298K. Include the correct units.

d) Calculate the value of the standard cell potential, E¡, for the reaction using the information in the table below.

e) Determine the total number of electrons transferred in the overall reaction.





2002 7) An environmental concern is the depletion of O3 in the earthÕs upper atmosphere, where O3 is normally in equilibrium with O2 and O. A proposed mechanism for the depletion of O3 in the upper atmosphere is shown below.

(a) Write a balanced equation for the overall reaction represented by Step I and Step II above.

(b) Clearly identify the catalyst in the mechanism above. Justify your answer.

(c) Clearly identify the intermediate in the mechanism above. Justify your answer.

(d) If the rate law for the overall reaction is found to be  rate = k[O3][Cl], determine the following.

(i) The overall order of the reaction.

(ii) Appropriate units for the rate constant, k.

(iii) The rate determining step for the reaction, along with justification for your answer.